"An imam on a mission" is a multimedia project completed as part of our master's program at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

Over the past several months, we've followed the continuous efforts of an imam to fight radicalism in his own community, dispel misconceptions about Islam, and connect different faiths. Focusing on developing close ties with the Jewish community, Imam Mohammad Shamsi Ali has taken on a mission that few religious leaders dare embark on. We wanted to give a closer look at his initiatives, understand what's at stake, and measure his chances of success.


We would like to thank Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and Mohammad A. Mian for sharing pictures with us, Addie M. Rimmer and Rebecca Leung for advising us, Rehan Jamil and Weilun Soon for providing us with precious footage of the men's section of the Islamic Cultural Center. Special thanks to Kenan Davis, who spent endless hours walking us through Flash and Dreamweaver to make this Web site a reality.



Mahawish Rezvi is a multimedia journalist from Pakistan. Raised and educated in Hong Kong, Pakistan, Austria and the United States, she has been working in Pakistan’s broadcast-media industry for the past two and half years, with Geo News Television Network and Dawn News. Currently, she is writing for the Huffington Post and interning at CNN. For more of her work, please visit www.mahawishrezvi.com

Chine Labbé is a freelance multimedia reporter from France. Her work has appeared on lemonde.fr, France Culture and most recently wnyc.org. Last November, she won the Anna Lindh Journalist Award in the radio category for a ten-minute documentary about Palestinian lawyers, and their struggle to defend their clients. To view more of her work, please visit wwww.chinelabbe.com



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